This iPad App Helps You Drink Like a Pro

Open Air Publishing has released their first iPad app book called, Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn from the Modern Mixologists. What an eye-opener this iPad app has been for me about mixology. I realized why I almost always order wine when I go out to dinner. It’s not because I prefer it but rather I don’t know how to order an interesting mixed drink. I know, boring right?
I’ve never been much for mixing drinks at home either, so with this wonderful iPad app you’re getting a top notch drink recipe source. This is a how-to-app for iPad that is the future of interactive books on the iPad 2 device. This iPad app for mixing cocktails will forever change how you drink cocktails at home and when you order at a restaurant. (video demo and screenshot after the break)

The magic of this innovative book app for iPad are all the instructional tools integrated onto the iPad tablet. They offer high quality video tutorials by expert mixologists, instructional graphics, and hundreds of interactive cocktail recipes.

What I like most about this design of this iPad app is the easy navigation which could have been lost in an exhaustive how-to app. Selecting the chapter button shows a thumbnail of all 16 chapters. When you then select a chapter the subchapters will appear, with the actual page to the side. Once you’ve selected where you’d like to go, the menu bar collapses, revealing only your selected page.

I really like how this app offers pop up overlays within each page and smart links that clearly illustrate your next mixing steps. The videos look great on the iPad 2 and are brief and to point with little download waiting time needed. These great videos demonstrations by expert speakeasy bartenders will have you shaking, swizzling, rolling and stirring like a pro.

This iPad app is priced like a book but is such a better value with all the stunning technology and interactivity. Without a doubt this is one of the best iPad apps for learning how to mix cocktails. Since I was kind of a dunce at mixology I looked at the $9.99 app price as an investment in my drinking education.