The 5 Best iPad Apps for Attorneys

Many Attorneys have seen the light and are showing up to the courtroom with an iPad instead of a bulky laptop, briefcase and stacks of legal file folders. Here is our short list of the 5 Best iPad apps for Attorneys in the court room.

Trial Pad. This is powerful and one of the best iPad apps for organizing case presentations for the courtroom. This best iPad app helps lawyers organize legal documents and manage their case files for court hearings, jury trials, and mediation presentations. Use this top iPad app to present evidence to judges and juries, as well as highlight, redline and redact your documents with a touch of your iPad tablet. The power to make effective presentations is the key to winning cases and this app is a great tool that will assist in the courtroom. Available on the app store for $89.99 here.


iPleading.  This Attorney app for iPad was designed by an attorney to be able to easily create a PDF a litigation document in a PDF format. This app is clean and easy to navigate and saves time in formatting documents. Once finished just send it to your email address ready to be finalized when you open it later. When you’re ready to complete the document simply go to your email, open the attachment and add the finishing touches. The iPleading iPad app is the first mobile litigation template generator designed to follow customs of the legal profession and the rules of pleading in State and Federal Courts.  Available on the app store for $9.99 here.

Blacks Law Dictionary. Not the only law dictionary iPad app , but it is the best and most widely citied law book around. This iPad app features nearly 45,000 legal terms all with an easy-to-find quick touch search.This app offers the ability to bookmark, hyper-linked cross references find related legal terms, utilization of West’s key number system and alternate spellings. We really like the audio pronunciation feature for over 7,000 legal terms (no WiFi needed for this feature) and it includes over 1000 legal abbreviations and acronyms for easy reference. Available on the app store for $54.99 here.


FastCase.  This legal app for iPad gives you free access to the American law library in all 50 states. In this app you get it all the case histories, statutes, regulations, court rules, and  state constitutions. You also have access to full search for citations, by keyword or browse the statute collections. FastCase iPad app gives you all the legal resources with a touch and a swipe of your iPad and it will deliver sortable search with the latest results first. Download this iPad app for free by clicking here (but you’ll need to register an account to save your own customized search history).


iJuror. The iJuror iPad apps for attorneys goes with you through the jury selection process. The design is made to be simple and intuitive. You just tap on the nice graphic of the “chair” to add a juror profile and select all the details about that juror. You’ll add the juror’s name; workplace; hometown; and add juror detailed notes. Once you save your changes a gender-specific avatar replaces the chair image. Easily drag and drop to choose jurors, dismiss jurors or select alternates up to a total of 60 jurors on this iPad app. Available on the app store for $9.99 here.

J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.


These iPad apps seem like they are just for Trial attorneys. My uncle specializes in Criminal Law so I’ll pass this on to him.


I don’t give a rat’s ass about helping overpaid snake oil toting attorneys be more efficient in stealing the money from the sick and the old.


I don’t give a rat’s ass about helping overpaid snake oil toting attorneys be more efficient in stealing the money from the sick and the old.


I use the WestlawNext iPad app. Yes, I need to have a WestlawNext password to use it, but I absolutely would not be without it. I have used the app time and time again in court proceedings, in depositions, on trains. The functionality is amazing and the content is just about the best in the world. Their new search algorithm is totally sharp (cannot recall the name) Love this app! That said, they need to do more about leveraging the native capability of the iPad. I see quite a bit of native work in their app, but there still some webviews.

I guess you get what you pay for. I use the free apps sometimes and some of them work pretty decently. But still, when I need to get serious about my research, I use the WestlawNext app.


I’m gonna check it out on the app store. If you use it on trains don’t you need an internet connection. Must be a huge app?


That is good stuff thanks for sharing this. My wife is an attorney and I’ve been trying to convince her of the benefits of owning an iPad 2. Sometimes the apps sell the iPad.


How about helping prosecutors who put criminals behind bars? Or underpaid child welfare attorney who protect abused children? Or is it too taxing for your brain to actually think?


There is another app I’d like to mention – Client File. Full disclaimer – It is the app I designed. It is a paperless file-replacement app for attorneys. It integrates your client information, note-taking, calendar integration as well as PDF reader/annotation, photo viewer/annotation and audio & video player all in one. It is designed to let attorneys load their entire file using Dropbox and carry it on their iPad. More information is at

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