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The New iPad Available in 25 More Countries

The new iPad became available in 25 countries on Friday. The new iPad was first available in nine countries at it’s initial launch week, including the United States, and sales reached 3 million in just 3 days. The countries in which the device became available on Friday include many of the most tech savvy wealthy European countries, like Sweden, and some dense population areas like Mexico City.  Continue reading

United Airlines Gives Out 11,000 iPads to Pilots

So many industries are adopting the iPad tablet as a solution to replace massive printed material whether it be text books or flight bags for commercial pilots. United Airlines announced today that they have made a complete transition to replace flight bags of navigation charts and manuals by offering their pilots 11,000 iPad 2 devices. Delta and American airlines have also gotten on board using the iPad 2 as flight bags.

Putting flight bags on the iPad tablet is a big cost saver because the airlines can save around 40 pounds of paper weight per pilot. Smart decision by the airlines since the iPad is so much easier for pilots to navigate and easier to keep up to date along with the ease of the iPad touch interface.  Continue reading

Kids Happily Return to School for New iPad 2

iPad education apps

My children are sad that summer has ended and now it’s back to school. However, one school has a remedy for the end of summer blues. Hand out an iPad 2 tablet to each student in your school instead of textbooks. Lake Minneola High School in Central Florida are doing just that. This is the first public school in Central Florida to purchase the iPad 2 for all their students at a cost of  about $700,000. However, school officials believe that the iPad 2 investment will actually save them money over the cost of textbooks.  Continue reading

New iPad Release Gets Production Help

We’ve been hearing rumors that Apple will have a new iPad release in September or October. According to the analyst Michael Walkley, of Canaccord Genulty, says the iPad 2 is squashing the competition due to pricing and margins.  “Our checks indicate both the Motorola Xoom and RIM PlayBook have not sold well at current price points, as we believe competing tablets must sell at a substantial discount to the iPad 2,” he wrote. The iPad tablet price point is too low for competing tablet manufacturers like Blackberry and Motorola to effectively compete. They are simply losing money even if their tablet offerings were in demand. The Motorola Xoom and the Blackberry PlayBook are not selling very well and it appears these companies are losing on both price and sales volume. We’re guessing that this iPad news is going to strike fear into both Amazon and Microsoft who plan upcoming tablet releases.

Further hints of Apple driving a stake in the heart of their iPad tablet’s competition comes from a Digitimes report that Apple will be adding another major manufacturer for iPad tablet production. Foxconn has been Apple’s exclusive contractor for iPad 2 production so it appears that Apple is looking for an additional manufacturer to build the iPad 3 tablets.

The Digitimes article reveals that  Apple’s new iPad production partner will likely be Petagron or Quanta Computers. The glory days of Apple and iOS devices continue to soar.  This is just another telling sign of Apple’s phenomenal success with the iPad tablet. The speculation about a new iPad model this fall is split on whether it will be an iPad HD version of the iPad 2 or a new iPad 3 release.

Review: New iPad App-Stocktouch

Stocktouch is a new iPad app for checking equity stocks and stock market performance like you’ve never seen before. This innovate iPad app has raised the bar for the next wave of business information apps for iPad. Stocktouch for iPad is very clever and unique in how you connect with your daily stock data.

We found this iPad app to be a one-of-a-kind way of looking at financial markets on an iPad app. You can easily view the real time US stock market (loads every 5 minutes throughout the trading day, 9:30AM to 4PM EST) and quickly pivot with a touch to toward new market discoveries, trends and market moving insights that load quickly. In this interesting new iPad app you start at the top level that offers an overview of 9 essential market sectors. Each Market sector is organized by the market cap of the 100 largest companies . Stocktouch arranges these companies in a spiral pattern from the center of the sector, radiating outward for a visually immersive experience. The periphery view displays all the remaining smaller companies. We found that navigating through all the companies and data could be done with ease as you touch the iPad tablet screen to zoom in to check stock prices and market volume. Being able to perform light research of company and sector fundamentals which such a stunning visual interface will change how you view market data. This iPad app also offer recent news articles related to the market sector or company you are drilling down into. The developers have designed an elegant touch interface in category that is not typically very stylish.
Clearly on of the best iPad apps for looking at financial markets in a new and powerful way. This iPad app is available on the app store for $4.99.  Video demo after the break. Continue reading

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