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New App Review — Candy Mountain: The Donut Fall

Do you love donuts?

Do you love new games for your iPad?

In this review we’ll take a look at a new game by the developers at Cinderly. The iPad app game is calledĀ Candy Mountain: The Donut Fall and it was just released on theĀ App Store a few days ago (October 23).

In this challenging arcade type game you’ll enjoy playing with the donuts and trying to balance them in a number of different situations that will test your skill. The interface is designed well and easy to navigate and interact with on all your IOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

If you’re a fan of the Flappy Bird app then this game is right up your alley! It’s a fun game that will challenge your skill and your patience as you try to balance donuts using the built-in gyro sensor on your iPad and iPhone. Continue reading