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Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad

I grew up fascinated with Dinosaurs and no one has watched Jurassic park more than I have. It seems deep down everyone has a connection and fascination with Dinosaurs and especially children. We’ve found a Dinosaur app perfectly suited for the iPad tablet interface that will leave you spellbound revisiting the world of these ancient creatures. This new iPad app is called Inside the World of Dinosaurs from developer M5859 Studios.

This visually pleasing app is wonderfully narrated by Stephen Fry and everything about this iPad app is professionally produced. Inside the World of Dinosaurs iPad app is a comprehensive encyclopedia that is the best iPad app of its kind on the iTunes app store. (screenshots and video demo after the break) Continue reading

PDF Forms Exclusively for iPad

In this review we’re taking a look at the app that runs exclusively on your iPad 1 and iPad 2. It is called PDF Forms from the developer Dar-Soft. PDF Forms is an important business tool for everyone who works with PDF files on their iPad. There are plenty of PDF readers that allow annotation on the app store today. What is different about PDF Forms is that it not only has all the bells and whistles that accompany most PDF readers but we really like the ability to add signatures to your converted PDFs.

If you are working with contracts and documents it is important to be able to annotate and markup specific lines for revision or discussion. But what I’m finding useful is being able to merge my signature onto contracts using the PDF Forms iPad app. This app is aimed at easy signing of documents, contracts, and legal notices right on your iPad 2 device. Here is how it works. Simply save a copy of your signature image and place it into signature area of the PDF document you are working with. PDF Forms allows you to adjust and resize your signature image by easily dragging the signature frame to the exact needed location on the form.  Continue reading

Review: The Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show

We found a delightful and fun iPad app for children called Pete and Sneakers Bath and Bedtime Show. The developer and author of this interactive book app for children is Erin Davis. Erin is clearly a mother who understands what children need and enjoy with this well thought-out iPad app. I think you and your young children will love these two interesting penguins who are not short on personality. The graphics are eye-popping and the split-screen layout is great for  two children to interact with.

If you think about it, in a child’s life bedtime and bath time are big events for the day. The author has brilliantly brought an important message to life with the Pete and Sneakers characters. These cute penguins encourage children to understand their own individuality and uniqueness and how similar tasks can be performed in different ways. For example, Pete prefers to approach basic bath and bedtime tasks more conservatively, while Sneakers’ routine is free-spirited and often just wacky. Pete and Sneakers embrace their differences while still having fun together which is such a positive lesson.  Continue reading

Memo-Game iPad App Game for Kids

The iPad tablet is such a wonderful interactive device for education. Children naturally respond intuitively to the tap and touch functionality. We found a fun and educational app that was released on December 3rd called Memo-Game by MyFirstApp.com

This fun iPad game app has been recreated from a classic memory game that we think your children aged 3.5 and older will really enjoy. This visual memory iPad app has a voice recorder built-in as part of the design. This clever app enables parents and children to add audible labels to the visual images that appear in the iPad tablet display of this iPad 2 app. My 5 year son enjoyed recording his own voice as much as he did playing the game.

This educational game app offers 9 different boards to choose from. All of these choices have beautiful graphics that really stand out on my iPad 2 display. The artwork is also very well done and inviting for children. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Review: PDF PROvider for iPad

Whether you just got a new iPad 2 over the holidays or you’re a grizzled iPad user, everyone is always looking for a better PDF reader. We’re really enjoying Dar-Soft’s PDF PROvider for iPad app. The Dar-Soft developers are experts in PDF apps for iPad. Now they’ve designed an advanced version of their popular PDF Printer app that has even more bells and whistles. This iPad app was just updated a few months back and should be one of the first downloads for all of you who get an iPad 2 gift this holiday season. (screenshots after the break)  Continue reading