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top ipad appsFor many of us we carry our iPad just about everywhere. Some of us even take our iPad with us shopping. And of course all of us take our iPhone with us everywhere. We found a recently released(March 28) new iPad app that does a wonderful job of scanning product barcodes and creating a copy of the barcode on your iOS device. The name of this app is called Swift Shopper.  So when you go to checkout at the register you can heckout with your smartphone and scan the barcodes right off the screen. What this adds is convenience by having no need to physically remove any items out of your shopping basket, just hand the cashier your iPhone or iPad and a few swipes of  iOS device later and you’re checked out!

I found this iOS app especially helpful at the Home Depot yesterday as I loaded up 75 lb bags or Quikcrete cement for a home project. It was such a breeze for both myself and the checkout attendant to process this transaction from my iPhone screen.

Here are a few tips from the App Store description:

****For better reliability when scanning barcodes off the phone use these helpful tips.****

– Maximize the brightness on your phone

– Hold the phone 4-6 inches away from the scanner

– Use a hand scanner instead of a bed scanner

This app is available for free on the iTunes App Store by clicking here.
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Grace A. Wieber

Amazing Find! TY 4 Sharing. It most definitely will save us an enormous amount a time.


Seems like a good idea but what about theft? Forgetting to scan an item in the cart? Also, what stores have already integrated this system?

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