Spoon and The Moon on iBookstore

Top ibooks for iPad The Spoon and the Moon is now on the iBookstore. We wrote about this wonderful iPad book by The Wickedly Sisters’ about a year ago. The Wickedly sisters are a writing duo with over 20 years working as journalists, cartoonists, and illustrators.

The Spoon and the Moon is a multimedia iBook app for iPad with captivating animations, a high quality soundtrack written and performed by musicians from Europe and North America.  Spoon and the Moon is a whimsically risqué fairytale that is an award-winning work.  Wickedly Sisters have created an imaginative story that is fun and clever from start to finish.(screenshot and video after the break)

We were riveted from the get go with this rich media experience. The use of animations and the accompanying soundtrack is unique and spellbinding. We think you’ll enjoy this unique reading experience on your iPad. Below are some of the features of the Spoon and The Moon iBook:

• Unexpected and vivid pop-up animations
• Creative, adult illustrations
• Automatic bookmark, return to last page read
• Original soundtrack
• Dynamic page layout
• Varied sound effects (linked and automatic)
• Smooth navigation

You can download this wonderful iBook today for $7.99 on the iTunes app by clicking here.

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