Spoon and Moon App

The Wickedly Sisters’ are a writing duo with over 20 years working as journalists, cartoonists, and illustrators. There app book entitled Spoon and the Moon is not quite approved for the iTunes app store as there still waiting approval. We can’t wait to see this wonderfully illustrated innovative app on the new iPad 3 with his retina display. The Spoon and the Moon is a multimedia iNovel app with clever animations, a hot soundtrack written and performed by musicians from Europe and North America, and with cool multi-touch features that currently are only available on Kindle and Android devices. Below the break see the description by the developer for this upcoming iPad 3 app.

• Unexpected and vivid pop-up animations
• Creative, adult illustrations
• Automatic bookmark, return to last page read
• Original soundtrack
• Dynamic page layout
• Varied sound effects (linked and automatic)
• Smooth navigation

This is way more than an ebook app and you’ll be spellbound as you watch the characters in this interactive novel come alive as you wander through their world. But, watch out…this Wishing Star isn’t cute or cuddly, and while everyone will have wishes come true, wishes are tricky and fate is undependable, if not murderous. This is not a children’s book although the illustrations and animations would easily attract all ages.

You can download the iPad app soon and we’ll update it once it goes live on the store. For you Kindle and Android users you can buy the Spoon and the Moon by clicking here on the Amazon store for $0.99.

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