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spelling apps for ipadWe’ve discovered a cool and fun iPad app to help youngsters learn to spell better. This app was released on the App Store on February 11th by the developer Jason Sciss. This spelling app is called Spelling Super Star and is compatible with iOS 4.3 or later devices.

Spelling Super Star has cracked the code on making learning to spell a fun exercise. We really liked the colorful graphics and easy to use interface.¬†When you first tap and open the game you’ll be offered a choice of category and level of challenge that you want.
For every 10 words that you spell correctly the timer stops and the “Super Star” rocket launches to offer immediate feedback. Then you can grab as many of the falling stars as you can before they disappear. Collecting the falling stars awards bonus points and extra time on the clock.

Here are some of the features taken from the App Store that you’ll find in the Spelling Super Star app :

  • All original, stunning, hand drawn artwork
  • 800+ words divided into 15 categories plus an “All-in-one” category
  • Complete, alphabetized glossary for each category so you can learn new words and then practice spelling them
  • All letters and words are naturally voiced
  • 12 different backgrounds and 6 letter colors so you can personalize the look to a style you like
  • High score list which holds the top 10 names and scores so you can challenge your friends and family to beat your top score
  • The in game keyboard is laid out like a computer keyboard so kids can learn the standard keyboard layout while they practice spelling.
  • There are no in-app purchases, rating requests or social media prompts of any kind so kids can spend all their time learning and practicing without a lot of parental supervision.

We’ve heard from many of our readers that they’ve had some nightmares with in-app purchases with their children. Thankfully this app has left out the in-app purchase option so you can rest assured that you’re wallet will be protected.

You can buy this fun iPad app for only $.99 on the iTune App Store by clicking here.

spelling apps for ipad

spelling apps for ipad
spelling apps for ipad
spelling apps for ipad

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