SNL Weekend Update Jabs Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire is cheaper in price than the iPad 2 at $199. Blackberry Smartphones are free compared to the iPhone 4. Which ones do your loved ones want as gifts for the holiday shopping season? SNL’s Seth Meyers jumps on the Amazon Fire vs. iPad 2 discussion on Weekend Update and pretty much clears up the matter(at the 48 sec. mark).

Amazon Fire is expected to sell well among parents who always buy the wrong thing.

This is funny stuff and spot on with the truth of the matter.

iPad Apps Rile

Working to be a great guitarist. Love the iPad and all iOS products. Big Apple fan and think Joe Satriani is the greatest guitarist ever!


I ask my niece if she will take a kindle instead of an iPad and she said if she gets One it will accidentally learn how to swim…lol…rather just save the money and buy something else…

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