Skype iPad 2 App out soon?

If you are addicted to Skype like we are you’ll be glad to know that a Skype iPad 2 app seems to be on its way soon. At least that is the impression you’ll get from the promo video released today by Skype. The original Skype released video has since been pulled which may mean someone over at Skype got a pink slip today. But you can check out a ripped version of the video after the break. It looks like the days of blowing up your iPhone using Skype are coming to an end. Skype hasn’t announced a date for the release of their iPad 2 app, but the fact that a video of the Skype app has leaked out on YouTube makes us think the app is expected to be approved for the app store soon. TUAW got on the phone with Skype’s Rick Osterloh about the upcoming iPad 2 app, and Osterloh says that you can expect most of the functionality to carry over from the iPhone app for this new Skype app for the iPad. This makes a lot sense for Skype since the release of iPad 2 with a camera on it, it was likely that we’d see a Skype iPad 2 app eventually. 

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Great. Not using skype but will try it on iPHone 1st.

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