Review: PDF PROvider for iPad

Whether you just got a new iPad 2 over the holidays or you’re a grizzled iPad user, everyone is always looking for a better PDF reader. We’re really enjoying Dar-Soft’s PDF PROvider for iPad app. The Dar-Soft developers are experts in PDF apps for iPad. Now they’ve designed an advanced version of their popular PDF Printer app that has even more bells and whistles. This iPad app was just updated a few months back and should be one of the first downloads for all of you who get an iPad 2 gift this holiday season. (screenshots after the break) 

PDF PROvider for iPad allows you to convert a wide array of file types on your iPad tablet. Now MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, Keynote files, Pages, Numbers, HTML pages, Photos, Contacts and merging documents to Adobe PDF format with PDF PROvider. This has become my go-to app for reading all of my documents in one place.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to preview an HTML web page and then convert it to a PDF file and then save it to Dropbox. I now have a dropbox file folder filled with web research articles from the web all PDF ready whenever I need them. This was a smart design by the developer to create an internal web browser within the app to make converting web pages even easier. This iPad app allows you to sync your Dropbox documents with PDF PROvider content from the corresponding application tab to convert or merge documents easily.

Below are the features that the developer lists on the Apple iTunes store:

Save to PDF and share:
• Pages, Numbers and Keynote documents
• Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
• Photos
• Pictures and Texts from Clipboard
• Contacts
• Web pages

With PDF PROvider you can:
• Merge several documents of different formats into single PDF in required order
• Transfer documents from desktop computers
• Copy&Paste notes from the Notes application
• Open documents from Mail and Safari, MobileMe iDisk and other cloud storage applications
• View web pages
• Synchronize documents or pictures with your Dropbox account for converting and merging.

We also like how easy it is to convert your documents to PDF then open them in iBooks. The iBooks reading experience brings these PDF documents to life even more. They’ve also done a nice job of integrating a PDF PROvider “open in” feature in many of my favorite apps I already have installed on my iPad 2.

PDF PROvider for iPad is available on the app store for $0.99 today.





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