Review: Persuasion Game App

It is wonderful to see classic board games be redesigned into apps for iPad by iOS developers. We’ve discovered another one of these gems that was just released on the app store called Persuasion Game. The Persuasion Game is a universal app that is fun to play and that we found captivating from moment we tapped to open it on my iPad 2.
We don’t review a lot of game apps for iPad but found this one to be unlike anything we’ve seen in this app store category. The premise of the game is fun especially since it involves self-discovery, which if we’ll be honest, is a favorite human pursuit. The Persuasion Game app is simple to learn and even comes with a “how to play” tab on the opening screen of this universal app. (screenshots below the break)

Persuasion Game is played on a colorful hexagonal touch screen playing board that’s divided into different color pie shapes that represent core personality types. The personality types are intellectual, tough, changeful, emotional-physical, tender, and stable. I began playing by selecting a single “path” (you can play 2 paths for more advanced). Next, I selected the “stable” personality type ( you can play as any personality type) and then set a “prediction path” I believed to be true about my chosen personality type. Once you touch the “Set Target” tab the game begins with a series of single screen questions that are personal and profound at times. The answers to the qame questions are in a “Yes” or “No” and “A” or “B” format. Then based on your choices you will be awarded points accordingly and be moved, hopefully in the direction of your “Prediction Point”.

We also enjoyed the pithy advice after each selection and found this classic style game app engaging. There’s hours of fun and self discovery with the Persuasion Game app. The only suggestion we have is that we wish it was fully optimized for the iPad display. We expect the developer will include that in a future release of this great iOS game application.

Your self-discovery can can continue to expand with the option of the In-app purchase of additional “question packs” for $2.99. You can download the Persuasion Game app on the Apple App Store for $0.99 by clicking here.

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  • Bartifil4

    Nice review. I’ll try to download it later

  • Anonymous

    Is their a video demo or tutorial online available. This would be nice to see since it is not a free app.

  • Sirbywon

    Just bought this fun game. I don’t remember the old board game you reference but this is entertaining. Is there a link to a .PDF instruction manual?

  • Anonymous

    Hi. I invented the original game as long ago as the 1980s and didn’t sell many, so only a few people actually saw it and they will all be over 35 yrs old! I agree that we need a video etc and we will do that when we have a few sales to both justify it… and pay for it! I hope we can also do a multiplayer version sometime. Many thanks for being Persuasioners. Andy Sutton

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