Review: Nature Painter for iPad

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 5.40.19 PM One great feature with the iPad tablet is the ability to draw and paint on the touch screen like it is a canvas. With that in mind we’ve found a wonderful educational painting app from the developer Lucky Martian. This iPad app is called Nature Painter. Nature Painter is a world-class digital oil painting simulator that works and looks great on your iPad display.

Nature Painter was developed as a way to take time out and get away from it all and unwind while being creative. The user interface is well designed and we really like the user-friendly tutorials that will guide you through the basics of landscape painting. (Screenshot after the break)

One other thing we really enjoy is the concept of painting nature scenes. You can very easily get lost in your work as you create in the environment of this app. The Nature Painter iPad app is great for all levels of skill and experience. Whether you’re a novice painter or professional artist, you’ll find that Nature Painter to be a great painting app.

Below are some of the features listed on the iTunes app store:

* Simple yet powerful digital painting
* Five quick tutorials to cover the fundamentals of painting nature
* Easy to use toolbar interface
* Seven brushes and tools including the liner brush, flat brush and palette knife
* Simulated bristles for realistic brush tapping
* Taper option for liner brush
* Dry brush for blending and smoothing
* Dry palette knife for scraping
* Ability to mix paints for streak effects
* 100 levels of undo/redo
* Saving your painting will also save your tool and color palette settings
* Two finger zoom and scroll
* Share paintings by email
* Export paintings to Photos
* OpenGL-based rendering engine

We think you’ll enjoy the Nature Painter app for hours at a time. You can find this app on the iTunes app store for $0.99 by clicking here.

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