Review:Mr Brainy

From the developers of the new iPad app Mr. Blimp comes another app called Mr. Brainy. Mr Brainy is a fun, interactive memory training game app for the whole family. In this iPad app you’ll enjoy the nice interface and graphics in this game app.(screenshots after the break)

The design of this app includes five categories to chose from: Letters, Numbers, Animals, Colours and Fruits & Vegetables. When you tap on the app the game starts and you’ll be brought to the opening screen that shows the locations of pairs briefly. Next these pairs will disappear and the object of the game is to remember the location of where they were located to match up the pairs.

The game can be played with 3×2, 4×2 or 4×3 layout, with the toughest level requiring you to remember the locations of six different pairs. Once you correctly identify a pair, the game tells you the name and shows you a picture, helping children to learn their ABC’s, 123’s, colours and different fruits and vegetables. This fun iPad app is another children’s educational game from the makers of Mr. Blimp that we recently reviewed.

We found this game to be a great app for the car when traveling. It will entertain your children for hours at a time.  We think this is also a great app to help young children develop their language skills along with their number and memory skills. The user interface is kid friendly and easy to navigate and simple to learn how to play the game.

This iPad app is available on the iTunes app store for $0.99 by clicking here.

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