Review:Mr Blimp

Last month a great educational app for your children was released on the app store by the developer Kiwi-Games. This new iPad app is called Mr. Blimp.  My 4 year old son has enjoyed playing Mr. Blimp and as a parent I love to see him having fun and learning on the iPad. This iPad app has a kid friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The developers have made this app fun and educational as a way to  to help children learn their numbers, the alphabet, and to read and spell.

We can see how a thoughtfully designed educational app like this one can help children get a head start with reading and writing.  We like how the Mr. Blimp app is an interactive experience for both the parent and the child in learning numbers and alphabet. Really nice attention to detail in the design and the graphics are very inviting. This app contains 6 different exercises for learning both numbers and letters and it kept my son’s attention for a while so I know he’s really learning. Once you’ve mastered the basics this app also includes a simple spelling game to help show your child how letters come together to make words.

In the first exercise, A-B-C, you get to pick which letters are going to float by for your child to collect with Mr. Blimp. As the letters are collected, they’re read out helping your child learn to associate the sounds with the letters they’ve collected. In the second exercise, The Alphabet, all of the letters go past in order, ready for your child to collect them. As they’re collected, the letters are highlighted along the top of the screen, to help teach the child where in the alphabet the letters are. In the third exercise, all of the letters are shown in the screen and are spoken whenever they are touched. With the forth, fifth and sixth exercises, the same games are played however with numbers from 1-10. In addition, for when your child starts to master all of their letters, there is also a spelling game which teaches them how the letters go together to make words, in this case, fruits and vegetables.

This educational iPad app is available on the iTunes app store for $0.99 by clicking here.