Review: Letter Jungle Children’s App

ipad appsI’m sure most of you with children have realized how you need at least two iPads in the family. One for you and one for the kids. A whole generation of children are growing up expect to swipe, tap and pinch display screens. What we really like about education apps is that children can be immersed in entertainment while learning key developmental building blocks.

Letter Jungle is a new iPad app that was designed by German developer and education expert Kinderbriefe GmbH that was just released on the U.S app store. This education app offers elementary age children a way to have fun and at the same time give them a way to enhance their literacy skills in this interactive app? (screenshot and video demo after break)

This iPad app guides young school age children in basic word recognition so that they develop spelling and reading competence. Letter Jungle is designed to look great on your iPad tablet display and we think it will excite and encourage children to read more on their own. The large buttons and memorable icons make it easy for children to interact with this app on their own. We think you’ll be pleased with the beautiful 3D graphics and nice sound effects of real animals too.

What’s this Education App About?
The storyline is that orangutans have stolen specific letters from words and taken them off to the jungle where they’ve been hidden. Now your child will find the missing letter and steer the missing letter into the space of the broken word. Cleverly this missing letter willing falling from the sky riding on a colorful balloon.  You child will be immersed in this stimulating iPad app as they navigate through all nine levels. In order to advance to the next level in Letter Jungle a required number of crystals must be collected. We really like how positive and motivating this iPad apps game is. Possel, the main character gives your child visual and verbal encouragement when they attain a new level. Each level of Letter Jungle is designed to enhance and expand your child’s reading and spelling skills.

Letter Jungle iPad app is available in German and English and is also recommended for children learning to read and speak German. It is an universal app that works for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and is available on the app store for $1.99.

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And they have now an English/Spanish version too! It is for free until Sunday 🙂 Check it out!


My kids love this app!

Letter jungle: Reconocer y leer palabras

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