Review: iDuhKnow App for iPad 2

We found a pretty unique and cool iPad 2 apps called iDuhKnow.The developer of this 3D game for iPad 2 is the Los Angeles design company, The Illusion Factory. The iDuhKnow game app is smartly designed to take advantage of the iPad 2’s beautiful display along with the on board gyroscope and acceleromater.

When we first opened this iPad 2 apps it grabbed our attention with the nice graphics and cutting edge user interface. After you download this game apps for iPad 2 we predict that you’ll be staying up late at night trying to conquer this cranium expanding game. We found ourselves immersed in the range of fun, yet challenging game questions and puzzles you must navigate past. (screenshots after the break) 

One of our favorite features in this distinctive iPad 2 app is the interactivity design using gyro and joystick to maneuver through the game challenges. The iDuhKnow game development within a 3D environment is a wonderful experience on your iPad 2. If you’re like most people your looking for apps that will take full advantage of all that the iPad 2 is capable of. The good news about this cutting-edge brain quiz app for iPad 2 is that it is free on the app store today. Give it a try by just clicking on the App Store icon below.