Review: Cloud-Word App for iPad

ipad best appsThe developers of a very nifty cloud based productivity app called Cloud-Word just releasee an update. We’ve been putting this best iPad app through it’s paces and are very impressed. Get ready to enjoy fun note taking on this iPad app. The visual graphics are very cool and creative for a note taking app. We think you’ll really enjoy the cloud animations that represent the containers of your saved notes.

The thought and creativity behind this app is what we love the most. Great design not only looks good but is easy to use. The touch navigation of Cloud-Word is intuitive and seamless as you tap on the cloud container you want to work in. (screenshots and video demo after break)

This text writing app gives you more than the ability of just taking notes as it also includes a rich glossary for reference when writing your documents or in researching for your projects. It quickly helps you find the right word and even acronyms to quickly find what you’re looking for. All of your text editing choices are just a tap away and the sidebar is design to easily hide and reveal with a tap of the iPad.

With Cloud-Word you just tap on your cloud and everything is there and opens quickly for you to continue where you left off. We really like how easy it is to send your project via email by just touching your cloud and selecting it. I tent to email projects to myself or someone else by using this quick and easy functionality. Cloud-Word also lets you create an audio recording within this iPad app and even listen to your text while switching between modes. Below are all the features listed on the iTunes App Store:

-Create an Essay / Documents / Outlines / Q&A / Reviews / Notes Quickly

-Edit text easily.
-Insert picture.
-Record/play Audio While working in all modes.

-Memorize tool.
-Unique Organizer files.

-Special Effects (Glossary Benefits , Sky “Clouding”).

The developers website also includes an instruction manual that can help you learn all the ways you can incorporate this app into work flow. This productivity iPad app is available on the app store for $1.99

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best ipad apps

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Great App!

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