Review: Alpha Writer iPad App for Your Children

Review: Alpha Writer iPad App for Your ChildrenWe just found the updated version of Alpha Writer, by Montessorium, on the iTunes app store. This iPad app is developed with the Montessori education approach as the foundation for this wonderful children’s learning app. From the moment you tap on this iPad app you will be impressed with the beauty of the design and the high quality illustrations. The Alpha Writer team has built a thoughtful early education iPad app that understands childhood development and the power of touch in learning.

My 4 year old son really jumped into this app for iPad and immersed himself in both modes at the first sitting. As you might of guessed, the two modes are Alpha and Writer. In the Alpha mode, the child is presented with a smattering of high resolution colorful icons—a bee, a dog, a bus, a cup and about 50 more. Next your child will intuitively tap an image and a new screen appears with the single object in focus in the center of the iPad tablet screen. A pleasant female voice pronounces the object’s name (“bee,”) and repeats it to promote learning. A horizontally scrolling alphabet is in view above the object and allows children to learn sounds of letters and how to combine different letter sounds in to small words.

The Writer mode section is where children will choose a letter and images to write a “storyboard” of their own. This is a wonderful teaching method and it proves itself as my son wanted to retell the story he created to anyone in the house who would sit and listen. Each of your child’s stories can be saved as a screenshot from within this iPad app and easily printed, emailed or stored on your iPad 2. This is a wonderful iPad app for teaching your children phonetics and the sounds that combinations of letters make. I highly recommend Alpha Writer as it is one of the best iPad apps for early development for beginning spellers, that will also evoke imagination and verbal skill in retelling your child’s story designs.  Alpha Writer is available on the App Store for $4.99.



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