Review: 4 Handed Chess iPad App

We found a cool and unique game app for iPad that take the old classic game of chess and modernizes it for the iPad tablet. The name of this iPad app is called 4 Handed Chess developed by Poppysoft Ltd. This game has different play modes that allow you play alone against the game or as teams. It is a fun and nicely designed game with good graphics.

The developer has integrated this iPad app with Game Center so you can play online and strategize with other team members who meet you online. This app allows you to customize and modify easily so you can enforce time limits between chess moves and number of player modes. When you first tap to open the game app the default mode is “Timed” but you can customize it how you like.

Below are the features described on the app store:

  • Compatible with iphone and ipad.
  • Bird’s-eye 2D and 3D views giving you the choice of preference.
  • Pinch Zoom and Rotation Gesture support in 3D view.
  • Legal moves are highlighted to assist beginners.
  • Support for up to four AI players
  • Intuitive controls
  • Tap-tap to move pieces
  • Review your performance statistics

This app is available for $0.99 on the iTunes app store here.

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