Quailty Earbuds are a Great iPad Accessory

Everything about an iOS device is high performance except for the earphones. I don’t like the standard issue earbuds from Apple. Don’t get me wrong, they are well designed and basic. But for the audiophiles out there you know we are always needing to upgrade our sound.

We found some affordable high quality great sounding earphones called Ultimate Ears 500vi, which was acquired by Logitech. I really like the sleek design and the color black is a nice change from the standard issue white iPod-like earbuds. I own another quality set of earphones from Etymotic (ER23-HF3), that I’ve used with my iPad 2 and iPhone 4. I like the Ultimate Ears 500vi much better overall. The Etymotic sound was great but I was never happy with the earbud design and often had to give my ear canals frequent breaks. I overpaid for the Etymotic ER23-HF3 earphones,then around $150. The Ultimate Ears 500vi retails for much less ($80) and the best price I could find was for $74.88 at Amazon.

These are a nice iPad accessory that you’ll enjoy and use with your new iPhone too. The Ultimate Ears 500vi are noise isolating and offer high quality sound. I’ve even worn them under my motorcycle helmet and they performed really well with big sound. The thump of the bass was deep and full while the mid-range and treble had good clarity without being too bright. I like the build quality and wide assortment of ear tips, and a set of Comply foam ear tips are a bonus. Besides the sound quality and price my favorite feature is the on-cord controls that allow you to change tracks, adjust volume and answer calls simply with a touch. There are more expensive premium earbuds on the market other than the Ultimate Ears 500vi. But at this price point these are are solid buy.

At Amazon for $74.88.


iPad Apps Rile

Working to be a great guitarist. Love the iPad and all iOS products. Big Apple fan and think Joe Satriani is the greatest guitarist ever!


This little babies rock and I run with mine and they are perfect.


I was looking for a new set of earphones to replace my two-years old Apple in-ear earphones and after many tests I decided on these. You are right these are the best bang for the buck I’ve found.


Are these just for guys? They don’t look as pretty as my Ear candies. 😀


I don’t think you mentioned it but these earphones have a built-in headset mic that works better than my whitey Apple earbuds.


If you’re looking for a replacement for those white ipod earbuds these earphones are definitely worth it.


You all are a bunch of grandmas. These suck and none of your know sound. I’m a musician and we live and die by quality equipment. Don’t waste your F’ing time on these get Klipsch X10’s they will make your head explode.


Bought the Klipsch sent them back to Amazon ( they are great with returns) and got the Ultimate Ears instead. I’m happy.

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