Pollinator HD for iPad

The eye catching iTunes store icon of Pollinator HD is what grabbed my attention while perusing the educational games iPad apps. I downloaded this graphically pleasing app and promptly and checked it out on my iPad 2 tablet The start page was lovely, exciting and and eye-catching.

The illustrations are really well done and the game play for children is inviting and easy to navigate in this touch-based iPad app. My 5 year old son plays a lot on my iPad so it is interesting to see what apps he is drawn towards. The Pollinator HD was a natural fit for him developmentally as he intuitively understood the flow of play. It’s pretty simple for your child to get started in this app as your finger draws the desired path for Buzz the Bee to be directed toward the flowers. You can then direct them back to their hive with the same touch guide. My son also really enjoyed squashing the dragonflies just but touching them with your finger.

The story is a good one for teaching your child about pollination from the bees world view. Basically Buzz takes your child on a journey to visit the flowers and harvest the pollen before returning to the hive. The game is fun and allows you to reach different levels of play by achieving new high scores and collecting stars.
The Pollinator HD iPad app is available for $0.99 on the iTunes store.