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best ipad appsWe tend to see a lot of PDF readers for the iPad tablet on a regular basis. App developers are always releasing PDF reader apps with more features since there is demand for this. One of the best of the breed is PDF Reader Pro, by developer YUYAO Mobile Software.

This iPad app allows users to create or modify PDF documents in just about every possible scenario. One huge feature that we love is the ability to create PDF’s out of scanned pages using the iPad 3’s built-in camera. (screenshots after the break)

The developer’s design idea for PDF Reader Pro is ease of use and with all the need productivity tools. PDF Pro Readers allows you to download, view, organize, and even modify existing PDFs on your iPad tablet alone. No need to get your desktop Mac/PC involved. PDF Reader Pro app allows you to view any and all PDF documents from your iPad. Once you’ve easily imported the PDF, these documents can be viewed and resized seamlessly for reading. PDF Reader Pro includes a stunning option to “scan” in real documents using the iPad’s camera, which is my favorite feature. This is accomplished by taking a snapshot of the page, which is then turned into a working document thanks to the rendering engine within PDF Reader Pro. Trust me you’ll love this feature for single page scans and we rate this a one of the best iPad apps for PDF reading/editing.

PDF Reader Pro also lets you share files through iCloud, browser downloads, Wi-Fi transfers and Cloud storage. For cloud storage, users can log into Dropbox, iDisk and GoogleDocs, as well as FTP servers, WebDAV servers and SugarSync.

Below is the description from the developer on the iTunes Store:
☛View large PDFs on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch with no pause or lag
☛Convert a variety formats of files into PDFs
☛Fill and sign PDF forms
☛Highlight text to keep track of quotes, summaries or important part of text in a PDF document
☛Add comments to a PDF with sticky notes
☛Sync any file or folder on your device through iCloud
☛Share files on Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Sugarsync and other storages
☛Maintain a strong connection with your team through FTP and WebDAV linking

Click here to buy PDF Reader Pro for $5.99 on the App Store.

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best ipad apps

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