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In this review we’re taking a look at the app that runs exclusively on your iPad 1 and iPad 2. It is called PDF Forms from the developer Dar-Soft. PDF Forms is an important business tool for everyone who works with PDF files on their iPad. There are plenty of PDF readers that allow annotation on the app store today. What is different about PDF Forms is that it not only has all the bells and whistles that accompany most PDF readers but we really like the ability to add signatures to your converted PDFs.

If you are working with contracts and documents it is important to be able to annotate and markup specific lines for revision or discussion. But what I’m finding useful is being able to merge my signature onto contracts using the PDF Forms iPad app. This app is aimed at easy signing of documents, contracts, and legal notices right on your iPad 2 device. Here is how it works. Simply save a copy of your signature image and place it into signature area of the PDF document you are working with. PDF Forms allows you to adjust and resize your signature image by easily dragging the signature frame to the exact needed location on the form. 

Another great function is the ability to complete blank forms that you have on your iPad. Recently I was sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office as a new patient. Don’t you hate filling out those new patient boring forms? Instead of using pen and paper I opened the document from the Doctor in PDF Forms and simply tapped and selected each field on the form to add text. It was actually slightly enjoyable although Medical forms are somewhat redundant.

The PDF Forms app for iPad seamlessly can import any PDF file via iTunes File Sharing, email or loaded from Dropbox. Below are the features listed on the app store:

• Get PDF documents from any application using Open In, from iTunes or Dropbox folders
• Manage PDF documents using folders
• Sign legal documents (contracts, notices, etc.)
• Fill out various forms
• Mark and comment any text or image in any PDF document
• Split any PDF documents into separate PDF files
• Share ready PDFs via e-mail or Dropbox

Easily share your completed form by sending it in an email or by uploading it to Dropbox. It is so great to be able to experience paperless PDF signing on the iPad. Get the PDF Forms iPad app on the iTunes app store for $8.99.

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Custom ipad forms

Does anyone know a good ipad app that allows you to create custom forms and reporting on the ipad?

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writepdf is an excellent app as well for a similar purpose as PDF forms, i have even used to it in the past to complete loan application forms and i can add a custom signature

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