PaperDesk 4 Ready for iPad 3

We found a recently updated iPad 3 app that is ideal for note taking at home, class or the office. This app is from the Developer WebSpinner and is called PaperDesk. PaperDesk has a clean user interface that you’ll intuitively know how to navigate the first time you tap to open this app on the new iPad. We found it to be an easy-to-use notebook replacement type app that we think you’ll integrate into your daily work flow. We like this as one of the best iPad apps for note taking. The design concept behind the PaperDesk app for iPad is to emulate the interaction you’d find with basic pad of paper. Like Apple, it’s good design when has just the right amount of design needed and no more. And that’s what PaperDesk does a nice job with as well as having plenty of features that you’ll need for a stellar note taking app.

When you first open up the PaperDesk iPad app for the first time, you will actually be presented with an empty wooden desk. That is where you’ll store all of your notebooks. (Screenshots and video demo after break) See below the developers description of all the features of PaperDesk:

• While playing audio, tap a word and PaperDesk will take you to the point in the recording when you typed that word!
• Import PDFs from other apps, or from iTunes
• Insert images from photo library or camera
• Free access to to store notes and backups
• Type or paste in any amount of text, and PaperDesk will automatically overflow text onto proceeding pages
• Rest your wrist on screen while drawing
• Share any range of pages via email
• Upload entire notebooks to GoogleDocs, or share on Twitter
• Keep a task list in each notebooks, with notifications
• Organize notebooks by name or date
• Bookmark pages to navigate easily
• 20 level undo support while drawing
• Choose from several different types of pages
• Password protect your notebooks
• Printing supported in iOS 4.2
• Color picker with thousands of colors

What we really liked about the minimalist design of PaperDesk is that it allows you to keep a “Desk” to store all of your notebooks. Each of your notebooks has an unlimited number of pages in PaperDesk(PaperDesk LITE, you are limited to 3 pages per notebook). We also like how PaperDesk remembers where you left off when you last opened that specific notebook. Another really great feature we liked is the ability to turn your new iPad into a whiteboard.

The lite version is free and the full version is on sale for only $0.99 in the app store.


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