iPad App Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Lite

This ipad app is based on the popular TV show game by the same name. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Lite is the teaser version and you can buy the full version after testing it out. This game challenges players to correctly answer general trivia questions of increasing difficulty with the help of the games signature lifelines. You can play the Lite version and then decide if you want to buy the “Millionaire Master full version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2010.

This is lots of fun for the whole family. If you were a fan of the TV show then you’ll enjoy this also. This would be a fun game for holiday fun with family and friends. Stay tuned for more of the best ipad apps reviewed here for you.

iPad App from Slingplayer

SlingPlayer Mobile for iPad app will hit the Apple App store soon.  Watch this video SlingPlayer video walkthrough of http://viagrabuynow.com/ their upcoming iPad app. I think you’ll be impressed with everything except the price, $29.99. They will release it soon probably just in time for the holidays and the iOS 4 update that Apple promised before the end of November.

Apple Changes the Music World Again.

If Apple says it is a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT then you can bank on it. Apple has changed the homepage of its website with a mysterious teaser, indicating an “exciting announcement” is coming to the company’s iTunes service on Tuesday. It appears to be an international announcement by the mere fact that the clocks include Tokyo and London.

The Apple.com site now reveals that “Tomorrow is Just Another Day. That you’ll never forget,” but what exactly the company has planned remains up for debate. Leave comments below as to your best guess.

Here’s ours.

1-A subscription for monthly access to the iTunes library. The whole library.

2-The Beatles have finally made it to the iTunes http://www.viagrabuynow.com/ store.

3-The North Carolina Apple data center (Apple Cloud) will be launched.

4-Big Streaming Movie announcements that will rival NetFlix.

5-Steve Jobs will stream his iTunes keynote from the front page of the website.(Which indicates how huge this Apple event is)

Minutes after Apple updated the front page of its website to a giant announcement indicating a forthcoming launch, technology blogs buzzed and Tweets have been flying around speculating what this will mean.

iPad App-Ping arrives to iTunes

NEWS FLASH: Apple has updated the iPad iTunes App to add the Ping app. Ping functionality was added to the iPhone right around the iOS 4.1 launch. The Ping iPad app experience is present as a http://viagrabuynow.com/ tab on the iPad iTunes app and it includes your who you follow, who follows you, a look at your profile, and even a section dedicated to upcoming concerts. We hope there will be Twitter integration soon like on desktop iTunes version.

Magic Fiddle iPad App

Smule, the maker of the best iPad Music app, Magic Piano, has just released its new Magic Fiddle app. It’s amazingly designed and will blow your mind when you play the instruments. You will feel like a professional musician once you hear the quality sounds this iPad app will produce.

This stunning iPad app will have you fiddling and addicted pretty quickly. The Magic Fiddle for iPad will guides you through the proper way to hold your “instrument”. Smule had done it again and continues to create a globally musical orchestra with all of the iPad owneres. Once you’re confident in your fiddling skills, you can compete against folks around the world and work your way up the Magic Fiddle leaderboards.