iPad App Flashlight

Have you ever thought about using your iPad as an Instant ON flashlight. I did use the light from my screen once to find my keys but this is way better. Now you have all the brightness of a flashlight to cut the darkness like a knife. This is kind of a utility but still a fun idea to add to the iPad. I’m sure there will be other flashlight apps that are more improved but this is a start of something kind of interesting and more would you’d expect to find as an app for the iphone.

iPad App YAHTZEE Adventures

This iPad app is a FAMILY FAVORITE FOR OVER 40 YEARS! Rack up your high score in this game of luck & strategy!

The Yahtzee iPad app has rolled its 3D dice with the times and now features dynamic animations & easy-to-use touch controls!

There are 4 WAYS TO PLAY
Travel the globe in Adventure Mode! Also featuring Battle, Duplicate, and Rainbow Modes.

YAHTZEE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with this best iPad app for the family!
Speed Play gets you in & out of your game fast when you?re on the go and saves games in progress.

Share the fun when you Pass ?n Play with up to 4 people!

Go into your iTunes and purchase this iPad Games App by Yahtzee.

iPad App Nike+ GPS

If you are a fast walker and like to read while you walk then you will really love the Nike+ GPS ipad apps which helps you get the most out of every step tracking where you go and motivating you to take it further. Although this is primarily an ipad app for the iphone and ipod touch for running, it can be used for walking.

Wouldn’t it be nice to read while you walk the treadmill all the while tracking your calories and mileage? You can Record your pace, distance and run route and then upload to your Nike Plus account online. We think this is one the best ipad appsfor walking and reading. You can even choose your PowerSong to give you that extra boost toward the end of your workout! When you need more motivation you can celebrate you accomplishments with actual voices and motivational messages from Nike’s top athletes like Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods.

iPad App Mood Sense

This is a fun app that you can enjoy with your friends. Mood Sense guesses your mood. The developer claims it “knows” a range of emotions not just whether you are happy or sad.You are a unique and complex individual with intricate feelings. Let the Mood Sense Podlingz (4 specialized oracles trained exclusively to interpret your feelings and emotions) read the deep ripples of your inner being and enlighten you.

It’s so easy — just touch the screen, then let go, and you are on your way to a deeper understanding.

The podlingz now have magical powers. These powers are mini “applingz” that will allow you to interact with your podlingz in new and different ways from a Bubble Popping game to a Digital Clock…

The Lite version of Mood Sense with only 4 of the 12 podlingz and a limited range of moods. It is otherwise fully functioning.

They do offer an upgrade version also.

iPad App US States Quizzle

Quizzle is an iPad app that is not only a fun game but also educational. Do you know the capital of Idaho? How about the state flower of Florida? Or when California officially became a state? This ipad app is great for brushing up on your knowledge of State capitals. Pretty simple ipad app so hopefully in their next update it will take advantage of all that the iPad device can do for an app.

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