Larry Ellison Talks About Apple After Steve Jobs

This interview by Charlie Rose as you might expect invites Larry Ellison to be brutally honest. That is Larry Ellison’s middle name. Watch the short video and you’ll hear Ellison describe Apple’s bleak future without Steve Jobs and how Tim Cook will likely fail with Jobs at the helm.

Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle, was very close friends with Steve Jobs before his death(watch video with Larry Ellison after the break). Continue reading

msPad iPad App for Medical Professionals

medical ipad appsFor all the folks in the medical field here comes a new iPad app that was released a few days ago on the App Store that will make your life easier. The iPad app is called msPad by Sandra Ingold and we think this is a valuable tool for so many medical professionals who carry their iPad with them and use it on the job.

The msPad app for iPad is a medical shorthand keypad app that allows medical professionals to enter specific medical symbols into a document.  The app comes with an onboard medical symbols keyboard that will save medical pros loads of time entering key data.

This iPad app contains 20 common symbols which is so useful in everyday medical documentation.   Continue reading

Using iBooks Author to Write Your First Digital Book

ibooks and ebooksFor those of you who love to write and dream of publishing a printed book or a digital ebook then we’ve got some advice for you.  When do you plan to write your book? I ask you, what’s wrong with starting today?

Writing an eBook has never been easier, in fact Apple makes it easy by giving you free iBooks Author software to make publishing and creation much easier to sale your digital book for the iPad. Face it, most bloggers love to write and dream of having a wider readership. We also found an iPad app called Book Creator for iPad that you can download here.

So no more excuses from any of us about writing and getting published. Here’s extra motivation to get started on writing your ebook or starting a blog:

1. People are buying print books.

Despite all the negative news about major news print going under , the book industry is still in the black. There’s just something about holding and reading a printed book that the iPad can’t fully replicate. Sure, eBooks publishing is popular but print books are here and still in demand.

And if people are still buying books that means publishers are still looking for the next great writer. Could that be you?

2. Self Limiting Beliefs Hold You Back

Learn what you need to know about crafting a fantastic book proposal. Then put in the due diligence to refine it as well as your book idea before you send it off to any agents.

If you wonder why there are so many rejection letters sent out each day, it’s because most people skip these crucial first steps. Put in the time and care on your proposal, and you will already be ahead of the game.

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New Apple Ad Campaign Not a Winner

top iPad appsThe new Apple ad campaign is not getting the traction that many of Apple’s past ads have accomplished. According to a Bloomberg report the latest installment of Apple ad is falling flat on it’s face with American audiences.

Some of the critics have pointed out that Apple seems less humble in that it brags on its product inventions. The lighting in the ad looks a little dark and does not evoke a lot of joy and good feelings like Apple has offered in the past. Continue reading