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best ipad appsIf you like to travel or move around a lot we found a great app that will ensure that you arrive at your destination with everything you needed for your trip. This app was released a few months back the developer Quin Genzel and is called Packing Pro. This best iPad app  is way more than another to-do type app for iPad.

The most important factor in traveling is to arrive safely and with all the stuff you need for your stay in a new locale. Nothing is worse than forgetting to bring items you need to make your trip comfortable. Many of us travel run out the door last minute trying to make a flight on time and forget and leave behind items.

I really like the Packing Pro app and have been testing it as I’m about to fly to Denver on Friday. This app is really helping me plan out my full 6 day trip. It feels good to have an app that helps me not forget a single thing that I will need.  Packing Pro has an easy to use interface that is well thought out and a joy to use. It also has on board a catalog of sample lists to get you started with ease.

We really liked the ability to customize the look and feel of this iPad application. You can change to different themes, layouts, fonts and colors. This iPad  app also has a big library with over 800 items and “to-do” tasks, and a master packing list wizard that allows you to create your own customized list.  We think this app is not only useful for travel but it would be good for college students moving away to the dorm.

Here are some of the massive packing and catalog features mentioned on the iTunes store:

♦ CREATE unlimited, 100% user-customizable packing lists
♦ EDIT your lists however you wish (add, delete, rename or reorder any category, type or item)
♦ DISCOVER new ideas & suggestions from included sample lists
♦ USE any list (sample or your own) as a template for future lists
♦ ORGANIZE & MANAGE packing lists & Master Catalog using categories, types & items
♦ MONITOR a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off
♦ COLLAPSE categories for less scrolling & better management
♦ BUILD lists quickly & easily with multi-item selection
♦ SHOW only items that are packed or unpacked, or show them all
♦ SORT items by type or item, or by hand yourself
♦ EDIT item details (number, weight, value, person, bag & notes)
♦ TOTAL your list weights & values
♦ EMAIL your packing lists to family & friends

If you travel often, and even if you don’t, this iPad app will save you time and money. It is well worth the $2.99 price on the iTunes app store. It may save you hundreds of dollars per you year by avoiding having to pay hotel prices for items you forgot to bring along. You can download this iPad app here.

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elias anderson

Packing Pro was absolutely designed with someone like me in mind; I used to constantly forget my phone charger or my contact case or something. Even worse, the times I didn’t forget something, I always worried that I had. Now I just make my list a few days in advance, check everything off as I pack it. If I start thinking I forgot something, I just check my list and boom, no more worries. Besides packing, which now I don’t mind, the other part of travelling I u8sed to just hate was the wait at the gate. I’m neurotic enough to always arrive early to make sure I don’t miss my flight, but that also leaves me with a couple hours to kill before I board. To combat that I use this remote access app I got through my employer, Dish. It lets me watch live TV or recorded shows off my box at home with my smartphone or tablet. Now, instead of trying not to go nuts out of boredom, I just kick back and watch a few episodes of my favorite show, like Community or something. Problem solved.


Been looking for an app like this. Good review. Does this app give you reminders with the lists?

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