New iPad App- Piano Dust Buster

We wanted to share with you a brand new iPad app from JoyTunes, the developers of RecorderMaster! The name of this new iPad app is called Piano Dust Buster which transforms piano practice into a fun experience. The developers have really hit a homerun with the design of this new app. When you first open the app you’ll immediately begin playing piano on this iPad app or you can use your actual piano to integrate in with real piano practice. We really like the graphics and the creative concept of when players play the correct note in this app the granny character hits it with her dust buster…thus the app name- Piano Dust Buster.

We think you’ll enjoy how the Piano Dust Buster app allows you to play the notes using an onscreen piano keyboard or you can play with your own piano. Germ Attack and Staff Master are the 2 game modes that turn piano practice into a fun game. In Germ Attack players play a note as it reaches a specific rhythm line. The note comes down over the key on the onscreen keyboard making it easy to see what to play. Points are earned and the Germ Attack tracks high scores and integrates with Game Center. (screenshot and video demo after break) 

Staff Master game mode is similar in that you still tap the germ notes as they hit the rhythm line but now the screen resembles sheet music. The notes no longer come down from the top of the screen above the keyboard. This game is for more advanced piano players and requires that they know where the notes are on the piano. Each song has a practice and performance option.

We really like this new iPad app and you can’t go wrong since it is free on the iTunes app store. We think this belongs in our best iPad apps category and enthusiastically recommend you download it right away.

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