OnLive iPad App Released

OnLive has finally put their app where their mouth is with it’s just released iPad app called OnLive Desktop. There have been a ton of virtualization apps for iPad that have made their way to the iTunes App Store. These type of virtualization apps allow you to interact on a desktop virtual machine directly on your iPad 2 tablet. OnLive has jumped on the bandwagon with an interesting cloud-based solution that benefits from their experience as a provider of streaming gaming experience through their XBOX OnLive cloud gaming platform.

The OnLive Desktop app provides access to a seamless Windows desktop experience that integrate Microsoft Office applications. Microsoft is including a free 2GB of cloud storage when you register. OnLive’s video compression technology takes advantage of the their streaming technology in order to run the Office suite in the cloud and stream rendered video to your iPad 2 display. Because this is built on the OnLive’s cloud-gaming platform we’ll have to wait and see how it will perform when the traffic load is heavy.

OnLive Desktop for iPad is a free download from the App Store. You will need a free account with OnLive to use the program.


Avery W. Krouse

Just to let you know, OnLive is not affiliated with Microsoft. I’m sure they have a licensing agreement of some nature in place to allow this service to work, but OnLive is not owned by or connected to Microsoft.


Any informatión regarding as to when this application will be avialable for the Dominican Republic’s App Store?

Happy days

Terrible app. Slow, jerky etc.
Discovered Splashtop Streamer after a lot of effort. No lag, works like a charm. And cheap.

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