iScope – Project Management iPad App

We came across a really nice productivity app that was updated this month on the app store. This iPad app comes to you from Maihue Ltd and is called iScope – Project Management.

This top iPad app has a stylish interface and clever graphic design that is please to the eye. When you start a new project and give it a name you have so many choices to set up your look and feel of that project. Everything from color pick to uploading your own image or icon. This is helpful when you need to find that specific project. Easily jump between multiple projects with a tap of the iPad to quickly access and track progress of all your tasks and events.

What we liked was how simple and intuitive the design of this app is when it comes to creating and managing your projects. Each individual project has an automated dashboard that updates as you add more tasks and content. It is also easy to edit and make changes as tasks and events change.
This best iPad app has plenty of bells and whistles that you would expect. It has an onboard note pad along with a built-in PDF reader. You will really like the way it works with Dropbox so you can upload and back up entire  projects. You can also import files from your Dropbox account.
We think you’ll enjoy this iPad app and find plenty of uses for iScope – Project Management. It is available on the iTunes app store for free to try here and then $4.99 for the full version(bought as an in-app purchase.)


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I did not know this app, thanks for this review.

I recommend you an business app “Beesy”. This application is a professional note taking/ToDo/Project management app. A month ago, I discovered Beesy and now i use this app everyday at work for my meetings.

In this app, you can find many features to accomodate tasks, ToDo and make monitoring. Also, you cand send easily your minutes with screenshots
With you notes, Beesy generates automatically a Todo list to your contacts.You save a lot of time at work and you start appreciating meeting again.

if you are interested, you can google “Beesy” or to the website for detailed information.

All the best,


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