iPads Replace Bulky Paper Meeting Packets

Just north of Charlotte, North Carolina sits the technology-progressive-iPad-friendly town of Cornelius. This small town of only 25,000 residents has begun issuing the iPad 2 instead of printing out bulky city meeting agenda packages. Anthony Roberts, the town manager of Cornelius, sees this move as a big savings for taxpayers.

He explains, “The short version is, unlike a lot of governments, we try to operate as much as a business as possible. At the end of the day, when you are printing agendas around 200 pages apiece and after the meeting they go into the recycling bin, you say, ‘Why are we doing it like this?’ We have to run 20 agendas at 200 pages per agenda. That’s 4,000 pages just on that one, and that’s not including the time to put it together. And you usually don’t get it right the first time because everything changes. I would think it takes over eight hours per packet.”

Both the Police Chief and town managers project that the costs savings will take about less than a year-and-a-half until the iPad 2 starts to pay for themselves. There will be less paper waste which is environmentally friendly and it will not overload the town board with overfilled notebooks.

This just makes great sense for small town meetings as well as corporate meetings as a way to save trees, time and money. Recently, Alaska Airlines replaced all of their pilot’s 25 lb. paper flight manuals with iPad 2‘s. Enterprise has discovered the iPad 2 and is getting on board with the iPad tablet. How have you seen the iPad become a useful tool in your business or company? We’d like to hear about it.

Via: NY Times

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