iPad App Math Game- Answer 2 Equations

We found an iPad app that will keep your children entertained as students and sharpen their math skills all at the same time. The app is called Answer 2 Equations and we see this app being useful for students, parents and really anyone who want to learn and sharpen their math skills. This iPad app offers a no matter what your age this math app offers a challenging level of difficulty and has struck a balance between doing math and having fun in a game-like format.  Answer 2 Equations  offers you robust math problems to solve using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The game is set up so that you have more than 60 total math cards to select from.(5 sets of cards numbered 1 thru 12.
). There are 4 levels of play which are: easy, Ambitious, Challenging, and Mind-blowing. (screenshots after the break) 


How this iPad Game App Works

The object of the Answer 2 Equations app is to use Arithmetic functions (+ – x /) to come up with Solutions that match the Answer Card. Each time you will be dealt a set of math cards that will be accompanied by an Answer Card.  Choosing from the the dealt set of
 cards, you must come up with equations that match the Answer Card number in order to advance in the game. If a solution cannot be found, then a new card is dealt and added to the original set. We think you’ll enjoy this app for iPad as it is stimulating and takes math and makes it fun in a game like interface.

This iPad app is available on the app store here for $2.99

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