An iPad App for New Readers

What is a family vacation without plenty of books to read? I remember having stacks of fun reading material to amuse myself on road trips. Fortunately, technology has made it easier for families to bring along the best travel storybooks for new readers. Kids have two new friends to take with them on the family vacation this year, and their names are Josh and Emma. Josh & Emma Go to the Beach is the first in the series of Josh & Emma educational iPad apps for kids.

On their educational trip to the beach, Josh and Emma find objects that they can add to their red bucket. This is an iPad app interactive story that is for kids ages 2-6. The young reader is asked to help Josh and Emma find starfish, clams, seashells, flowers, and even a feather.

The brother and sister team love to go on adventures with their mom and dad and discover the world around them. Each iPad app is designed to help children learn their numbers, colors and the proper names of objects. For more information, visit their website here.




This would be a great app for my kids. I love finding new apps for the kids to enjoy. I have the TV Everywhere app through my provider/employer DISH Network. The kids are enjoying that right now. They can watch all their TV shows live from anywhere we are at. They have access to all our subscription channels and our DVR from the iPad. This app is great for traveling with kids.

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