iPad 3 will squash Amazon tablet pc?

It might make sense for Apple to release the iPad 3 ahead of expectations in time for the 2011 holiday season. Research firm CLSA told the WSJ that Apple will unveil its new iPad 3 just in time for the 2011 holiday shopping season.
Now with the news that Amazon is going to jump into the tablet stream and will launch models in August or September makes us think that Apple may also move up it’s plans for an iPad 3 release. This will further crush the competition’s efforts to catch up to Apple’s dominance with the iPad tablet. With rumors of an iPad 3 due out this year may cause some to hold off on Amazon’s tablet offering and wait to see what the iPad 3 will bring.

Remember, that iPad 3 speculation started even before the launch of the new iPad 2 release. The most recent reports suggest that it’s possible early production on the iPad 3 has already begun according to well known supply chain blog Digitimes. Apple may be moving up release dates from every 12 months to every 6 months for the iPad and iPhone. This would be a shift in strategy and may cause some consumers to be a little frustrated with their current purchase. But with competition expanding with Amazon it makes strategic good sense.

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