iPad 3 App Photo World Just Released

We’ve been playing around with a new iPad 3 app just released a few days ago called Photo World. The developer of this iPad app is FoxWare Can Tho and it is a clever concept for you photo lovers.
What Photo World iPad app is about is to let you search all the public photo archive that have been cataloged by geotagging. This allows you to look at photo’s in a specific geographic area. For example if you wanted to see all the photos from wineries in New York state you could easily pull them up in this app. This app is easy to navigate and with a simple design that take advantage of all the on board location iPad tools for app development.First you’ll select a location of the world to fetch photo descriptions. You’ll next be able to preview an array of thumbnail images on your iPad tablet. Next you can choose to watch slide shows or  bookmark favorite searched locations.

One other feature that we liked in Photo World was the ability to filter searches by date and keyword tags. With so many photographs available online this app gives you quick access to find stunning photos specifically in geographic locations you want to focus on. The developers of this app have made it easy to return to a bookmarked location from your last visit. You can see and see all the photos in that bookmarked location. The design of this app allows to drill down your search to view photos that have been tagged with the specific keywords. For example, after searching for wineries in New York state I next looked for the keyword tag “tastings” to find pictures of wineries that had a tasting room.

Below is the description given on the iTunes app store:

(1) choose a location .. one-button zoom in to your current location, or zoom out to the entire globe
(2) press the Fetch button, showing the number of photographs that will appear for the current map
(3) choose a red pin to get the title of a single photo, or a purple pin to see many photos taken from the same spot
(4) touch the same pin again to view your choice, or look at thumbnails of every photo on the page.
(5) swipe to advance to next or previous photos, or run an animated slide show.
(6) view photo details: exact latitude and longitude, location name, keywords

This new iPad app is available for $1.99 here.


















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Now user can choose to watch slide shows or bookmark favorite searched locations.. Awesome function in this app. Great

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