iPad 2 is a laptop killer.

The iPad 2 was released to international markets on Friday. The lines were just as long or longer than the U.S. launch of iPad2. Turns out that a lot of buyers are replacing their laptop or netbook computer in order to take advantage of its easy portability, light weight, and long battery life of the new iPad 2. iPad 2 is proving to be an industry changer that will leave Apple reigning as king and Blackberry, Microsoft and Samsung possibly with a massive failure of “Zune” proportion. However, there are also some, particularly those who use their computers as production workhorses, who have bought iPad 2, but report that they hardly use them after the initial novelty wears off. We find this hard to believe.

So obviously, it is possible to replace a laptop or netbook with an iPad 2, and be happy with the machine’s level of performance and capability since most people just need light computing capabilities for web surfing, email and light gaming. I’m able to be productive on my iPad 2, but for serious video rendering I need my MacBook Pro. However, if you currently use a laptop, netbook, or even a desktop computer mostly for email and social networking, web-surfing, video and photo viewing, music listening, viewing and light editing of digital photos, and occasionally for composing letters or other written documents, you’ll love the upgrade to iPad 2. A survey of 3,000 iPad 1st gen. owners found that the number 1 missing feature was a USB port (48%), followed by Flash support (44%), and an optical drive (42%).  Apple chose to address none of those shortcomings with the iPad 2, which was a substantial disappointment for those who’d been hoping for USB and Flash especially.

Multitasking support was added with the iOS 4 release last year, but it’s still not comparable to the real multitasking capability you get with any laptop or desktop computer these days. The iPad 2 is a huge product refresh and for those who waited for iPad 2 you’ll love it. Here’s the bottom line on why iPad 2 is rocking the world! It’s the Apple app store ecosystem. It’s all about getting the best iPad 2 apps. Yes Apple always hits a home run with their design and technology. But without the iPad apps it would not have reached rock star status.

J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.