Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad

I grew up fascinated with Dinosaurs and no one has watched Jurassic park more than I have. It seems deep down everyone has a connection and fascination with Dinosaurs and especially children. We’ve found a Dinosaur app perfectly suited for the iPad tablet interface that will leave you spellbound revisiting the world of these ancient creatures. This new iPad app is called Inside the World of Dinosaurs from developer M5859 Studios.

This visually pleasing app is wonderfully narrated by Stephen Fry and everything about this iPad app is professionally produced. Inside the World of Dinosaurs iPad app is a comprehensive encyclopedia that is the best iPad app of its kind on the iTunes app store. (screenshots and video demo after the break)

My 7 year old son is smitten with everything related to dinosaurs. It is a joy to find a new TV documentary, movie or new book for him to enjoy. So when this app was released I had to buy it for him and I only hoped that it was as good as the price suggested. This app is great but the problem is my son is so crazy about it that I can’t get my iPad 2 away from him. Am I going to have to buy him an iPad 2 just because of this app? No, it’s not in the budget but it is a dad’s pleasure to see him so engaged with something so educational and meticulously designed.

This iPad app features over 60 dinosaurs that display stunningly on the iPad display. One thing I really like about this app is the interactivity with each of the dinosaurs. Every dinosaur with a tap and touch can be spun around in 3D motion, allowing you to closely study the details of each one. The designers of the app have loaded it full of over 200 pages of 3D modeling that are just beautiful. Each page looks world-class and the fight scenes and animations look like they should be displayed at the Smithsonian. With Apple’s expansion into textbooks in the classroom, school will also want to load this app as a teaching aid for Science curriculum.

Below are the app store described features:

– 310 fully interactive 3D models in total
– 60 expertly modelled, photo-realistic dinoaurs
– 40 fully interactive 3D recreations of dinosaurs in mid-fight
– 200 pages worth of well-researched original text
– 5 hours of magical narration by Stephen Fry
– 84 videos and historical pictures
– 60 original dinosaur sounds
– 5 interactive 3D walking dinosaurs
– 15 pages of famous dinosaur hunters
– 22 pages of thoroughly researched articles on prehistoric life

Although you may have sticker shock at first we think you’ll find this Inside the World of Dinosaurs app well worth the investment that the whole family will enjoy. This wonderful iPad app is available on the iTunes app store for $13.99.

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Inside the World of Dinosaurs for iPad

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