Get Productive With Oooloo iPad App

Since the iCloud release by Apple iPad 2 app developers have a whole new set of possible design options. There are thousands of productivity apps on the Apple App Store but not all of them take advantage of cloud syncing. We found a recently released app called Oooloo, developed by Lazy Appz, that is a nice option for syncing all your To do’s, Contacts, Calendars and Text Notes.

We really like the creative user interface and easy tap navigation. The Oooloo iPad app is not your typical productivity app there is some real design thought going on here. For the GTD fans you’ll find the customization options appealing with some really innovative features. In my testing there is only a minimal learning curve to get up and running. I easily got my top category lists set up and all was backed up to the cloud instantly.

Here is what the developer listed as features:

• Password Individual Notes
• Attach Dates to Notes
• Import and Export Notes
• Share any Notes and Collaborate (with up to 100 people)
• Attach Single Images or Create Large (shareable) Galleries of Images

• All Notes Synced and Backed Up Instantly to our Cloud
• Access your Notes from any Browser
• Try oooloo for Free on your iPhone or Computer

The free version is what we tested for our review and it allows you to create 30 notes before you must upgrade to the Premium Account for $19.99 per year. The premium accounts does offer exclusive features such as full sync with your web-based oooloo account, export/ import notes, unlimited notes and attachments etc. This seems like a fair price to improve your productivity especially since that is roughly $1.66 per month.

The Oooloo app is available for free on the app store.



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