Five iPad Apps for Back to School

For students heading back to school, the iPad has become indispensable.  It’s equally effective for after-class entertainment or as an integral part of online education.  The iPad’s unique ability to be customized so completely to the user’s needs makes it especially useful for college students.  University life isn’t only about studying and academic work and the iPad 2 makes it easy to have a range of apps for each area of your life.

BBC News app for iPad. Becoming a well-rounded student is especially important in today’s globally connected world.  The BBC free iPad app allows you to access global news with a list of top news articles about trending events.  It also allows a user to select breaking news according to geographic region as well, so regardless of where you’re from you can keep up with current events.  A favorite feature of BBC iPad app users is its live radio ability.  In addition to all the print news you want you can also listen to the BBC broadcasting live from London twenty four hours a day.


NPR for iPad. The NPR free iPad app is a perfect way for college students to access a blend of news and entertainment.  Like the BBC app for iPad, it features a selection devoted to news.  NPR radio shows are available as podcasts.  But the NPR iPad application includes sections featuring music, art and literature too.  Regardless of your particular pop culture interest, it’s likely that you’ll find it on NPR’s app for iPad.  There are many interviews with artists, dancers and writers available, as well as the ability to construct a playlist of music performed during NPR interviews with the respective artists.


PBS for iPad. The PBS free iPad app allows you to access a huge amount of PBS programming.  The wide swath of programs available ranges from documentaries and nature programs to mystery/suspense shows and concerts.  PBS is a perfect complement for the NPR iPad app.  While the NPR app, as you would expect, is largely audio; the PBS app is all video material.  Regardless of your taste in television programming, the PBS application will have something that appeals to your preferences.


Angry Birds HD. You likely already have the Angry Birds HD free apps for iPad.  If you don’t; get it.  Angry Birds is a game which allows you to launch a series of small birds crashing through a range of difficult-to-penetrate architecture all for the express purpose of killing small green snuffling pigs.  Though the premise sounds ridiculous, Angry Birds has quickly become my favorite stress-busting game of all time.  If you have time to kill between classes or just need to decompress after studying, Angry Birds is the answer.


NetFlix iPad App. The Netflix app is the only non-free app included in this list of what I consider to be absolutely essential iPad apps.  The reason I include it is because if you can afford the measly $8.00 monthly charge you’ll be able to watch all the films you want.  When you consider the money you may spend renting DVDs during the course of an average month; $8.00 a month may be a bargain.

When you add the extreme mobility of the iPad to the equation it makes for a magical experience.  I initially assumed that the iPad wouldn’t be a great movie viewing platform.  I was wrong.  True, the screen is small but it’s so clear and high definition that I much prefer Netflix on my iPad over Netflix on my laptop with its much larger screen.

There is a mind-boggling variety of iPad apps available for almost any purpose you can imagine.  But if you don’t have these five apps for iPad, or if you’re new to the world of iPad applications, these five iPad apps are a great place to start.


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