Exclusive iPad 2 Case by Targus

If you are looking for a high quality case for your iPad we’ve found one that is also on sale. The Targus Versavu Cover & Stand is designed exclusively for the iPad 2 device. This iPad 2 Case has a stylish design and a really sturdy construction. One primary feature that we like is the Targus rotating stand that allows your iPad 2 to easily pivot into portrait and landscape modes while still in the case. This iPad 2 case also is cleverly designed to allow the iPad Apple logo to peek through while covered in the case. The hard-sided exterior edges provides a protection without being too bulky. Targus has done a nice job on the interior design by lining this iPad 2 case with some color and a soft fabric so as to not add friction wear on the device.

The Targus Versavu iPad 2 Case & Stand also is built to allow full access to all iPad functions and ports without having to be taken out of its case. It does a fine job in performing as a multi-positional iPad stand as well.  The only weakness I see with Targus Versavu is that it is not a smart cover so you will have to manually tap the auto sleep function. But if you’re wanting a full protection iPad 2 case/stand combination then this is a stylish and solid choice.

The best deal we could find on the Targus iPad 2 Case/Stand is at Amazon for $40.27 here (Retails for $59.99).


J. Ron Clendenin

Been an iPad user from day one of its release. Apple has been innovative from the beginning and now the rest of the world is getting on board. It's great to be able to spread the word about one of their mobile devices.


Fantastic case for my iPad. Targus was very smart to show Apple logo on the back …. is a cool design touch.

I dropped my iPad 1 on its corners and bent it up pretty good. I like thise one since corners are protected really well. Stitching is great too. Not always a Targus design fan but this one is world class.


Good review but I will not buy from amazon since they out source US jobs to India.


It is nice leather… I prefer the Truss case however because it has a place to hold the stylus. I looked for hours and hours and days and days and found a small handful that did. My wife and I both have the Truss and I think it is better than this one and seems a bit higher quality but only a bit. It is the same but you can’t see apple logo


Nice review. I’ve had nothing but success with Targus products.


Dude, Nice find! You are right this is the lowest price on the web – with free shipping.

J. Ron Clendenin

Actually, today is August 19th and the price just dropped again to $39.86. Of course that could fluctuate some over the weekend.


I have this case and I would recommend it to anyone. I put the iPad on my lap and the case serves as a little table top. No need to try to balance the iPad just open the case and there ya go! The case it well made, nice lined interior, all around good buy.


Good design and innovative. Great review! I like it. But I think I have enough money to buy it. Ouch!


Does this case include a magnet so that the iPad automatically goes into sleep mode when the case is shut?

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