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We found a cool iPad app for visual artists, design professionals, developers, students, teachers and color enthusiasts. The name of this app is Color by Number from developer Keith Lovell.

The Color by Number app randomly generates billions of combinations of four different colors that not only keep you entertained but serve as tool for discovery and use of color with applications of your choice – in the studio, the office, at home, or in the classroom and beyond.

 Coloring by Number can be even be fun for those who love to discover and experiment in different mediums using color.  The Colors by Number app interface has been designed so it is easy to navigate and intuitive. The interface is divided into a central display area with control panels that feature multiple options for viewing, defining, adjusting and managing selected color sets.

Although this is a niche app in the design community we think it makes a nice addition to your iPad productivity apps. I found it useful while working in Adobe Illustrator on my Macbook Pro and having this app open on my iPad I was able to experiment with some different color combinations. This improved my workflow and productivity on the project I was working in.

Below is the developers iTunes store description:

View / Save (center panel)

• Cycle through billions of randomly generated combinations of four colors in either Manual or Auto mode (where colors refresh every three seconds and a progress bar monitors the loading of new color sets)

• Toggle back and forth between seven interchangeable patterns or geometric configurations to view colors surrounding, adjoining or layered on top of one another

• Each pattern is comprised of four distinct color areas arranged in numbered, overlapping layers

• No two colors are ever the same within a given four-color combination

• Back and Forward buttons allow you to review your entire session history, one step at a time

• Eyedropper function for sampling and capturing additional colors generated in the central display area by alpha channel adjustments; any of the colors in the resulting palette(s) can be selected and dropped onto individual color manipulators in the right-hand control panel

• Option to hide left and right control panels

• Save as many selections as you like – for editing, printing or exporting

Select / Manipulate (right panel)

• All color values are defined in your choice of RGB or HSB color models including alpha channel (transparency) values

• Manipulate individual color values either by direct text input or adjusting slider controls – changes are reflected in real time in color blocks associated with the controls and in the main pattern display

• Any number of the four colors in a given pattern can be locked to prevent colors from changing – by tapping once on its corresponding small color block; tapping again unlocks the color(s)

• Tapping a small color block in the right-hand control panel twice brings up a visual color selector where you can choose to edit a color by selecting points in color spectrum and tint displays

Edit / Manage / Export (left panel)

• View your entire session-specific History recorded from randomly generated pattern selections, slider adjustments, text inputs or saved palette / pattern retrievals

• Store an unlimted number of selections in a Library that can be retrieved even after the app has been quit and restarted; stored selections include dates created and last modified

• Print multiple selections with color data and associated thumbnail images to AirPrint-enabled printers

• Edit: review, add, delete or modify your Saved and Library selections at any time

• Export multiple, saved color selections as Adobe Swatch Exchange (ASE) or Image files through iTunes and email – all selections exported via email include thumbnail images with numbered color areas and color data including aplha channel values


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Colors by Number

BTW, the correct name of the app is Colors by Number — not “Color by Number” or “Coloring by Number”


C’mon guys, at least get the app’s name right, okay?

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