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We review the Top iPad Apps everyday from the app store, announcing the Top iPad Apps that are being released today.

New iPad App- Piano Dust Buster

We wanted to share with you a brand new iPad app from JoyTunes, the developers of RecorderMaster! The name of this new iPad app is called Piano Dust Buster which transforms piano practice into a fun experience. The developers have really hit a homerun with the design of this new app. When you first open the app you’ll immediately begin playing piano on this iPad app or you can use your actual piano to integrate in with real piano practice. We really like the graphics and the creative concept of when players play the correct note in this app the granny character hits it with her dust buster…thus the app name- Piano Dust Buster.

We think you’ll enjoy how the Piano Dust Buster app allows you to play the notes using an onscreen piano keyboard or you can play with your own piano. Germ Attack and Staff Master are the 2 game modes that turn piano practice into a fun game. In Germ Attack players play a note as it reaches a specific rhythm line. The note comes down over the key on the onscreen keyboard making it easy to see what to play. Points are earned and the Germ Attack tracks high scores and integrates with Game Center. (screenshot and video demo after break)  Continue reading

NoteLedge iPad App Updated Today

If you haven’t noticed we love note-taking apps here on our iPad-centered website. We found another great iPad app for note-taking that fits in our best iPad apps category called NoteLedge. This iPad app was just updated today by the developer Kdan Mobile Software LTD. As soon as we tapped to open NoteLedge what stood out to us was the graphically pleasing leather graphics on the interface. This productivity app for iPad is impressive and we’ll designed from graphics down to the user interface.

When you first launch this iPad app, you’ll be greeted with an overview of what NoteLedge is all about and it’s features. You’ll be surprised and the wide-ranging features to interact with this app. It is waaaay more than those plain and simple writing apps. NoteLedge is functions seamlessly as a sketch pad and you can simply swipe your finger on the screen to draw or write your content. Easily change the writing type tool (pencil, brush, crayon, etc.) or adjust the line size, opacity, and color with a tap of the sidebar menu.  Continue reading

New iPad App Digital Board Game

Today we discovered another new iPad app to go along with the new iPad 3 tablet called configure HD. This new app was released yesterday on the iTunes app store. If you like digital board games like like Sudoku or Scrabble we think you’ll enjoy this game app by Congent Logic developer.  This digital board game app is Retina-display ready for the new iPad and we think you’ll be pleased with the vivid graphics.

We found this app easy to navigate and smartly designed with it’s game board interface. Also, we found the pop-up explanations and tutorial to be helpful and clearly explained so that you can be up and playing a game quickly. We also liked that the game can not only be played against the iPad but can be for two player gaming also. Continue reading

3D Photo Ring HD iPad App

Most of everyone who owns an iOS device enjoys the photo capture and storage capabilities. There are plenty of apps that offer different ways of interfacing with your camera roll and we’ve found a very unique and stylish one called 3D Photo Ring HD. This iPad app transforms your iPad tablet into a 3D photo viewer that is very unique and stylish. 3D Photo Ring HD iPad App offers a spellbinding interface that allows you to keep track of hundreds of photos with a swipe.

Admittedly, one of the mundane tasks associated with the camera roll on my iPad is searching for photos. With 3D Photo Ring HD it turns this task into a speedy and  fun task.  The onboard color sorting technology in this best iPad app allows you to save time hunting a specific photo. I even found it kind of hypnotic just playing with the stylish movement of the photo ring. This app for iPad also offers an interactive 3D slideshow presentation of your photos. According to the developer this innovative 3D photo arrangement and color-based organization feature is faster than 2D since it speeds up the visual search from the human eye. (screenshots and video demo after break) Continue reading

Beautiful iPad Maps-UpNext HD Maps

A company called UpNext is redefining the use of maps on the iPad 2. UpNext has partnered with Verizon Wireless on a wonderful geographical mapping project that brings 3D technology to your iPad tablet. This iPad app is called UpNext HD Maps and it covers the entire U.S. of 20 major metro areas allowing an enhanced 3D city view.

Some of the cities UpNext includes in this iPad app: Los Angeles New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Atlanta, to name a few. Plus, more cities are coming soon. Some other really practical features include local search, venue reviews, deal finder and they’ve integrated Foursquare as well. Get UpNext HD here its free son the app store.  Continue reading