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We review the Top iPad Apps everyday from the app store, announcing the Top iPad Apps that are being released today.

App Review for Facearound

best ipad appsWe just found a much needed iPad app that integrates with your Facebook account. This app for iPad is called Facearound. This Facebook iPad App was cleverly designed by the developer to help you discover the best local places near your current location.

We found it easy to navigate in the app and the user interface is clean and user friendly. You can arrive at the Facearound portal directly by using your Facebook log-in credentials. Once you arrive at Facearound you will be able to write reviews about your favorite hot spots around town. For example next time you are at your favorite coffee shop, restaurant, dry cleaners … or any kind of local business you can leave your review.  Continue reading

PDF Reader Pro

best ipad appsWe tend to see a lot of PDF readers for the iPad tablet on a regular basis. App developers are always releasing PDF reader apps with more features since there is demand for this. One of the best of the breed is PDF Reader Pro, by developer YUYAO Mobile Software.

This iPad app allows users to create or modify PDF documents in just about every possible scenario. One huge feature that we love is the ability to create PDF’s out of scanned pages using the iPad 3’s built-in camera. (screenshots after the break) Continue reading

New iPad App-Caveball

new ipad appsToday we are reviewing a new iPad app from Renkmobil developer that was just released on August 28th. This new iPad app game is called Caveball. This Game Center enabled app is a ton of fun and will keep you locked into long hours of play time.

The Caveball game app is a bubble-shooting, bird-catching puzzle action that will transport you back to prehistoric times. If you’re like me and enjoy the bubble-shooting game genre then we recommend you give this free iPad app a try. We’re quite pleased with the attention to the design of the graphics. We think you’ll find these great visuals and unique game interactivity on your iPad to be spellbinding. Continue reading

Be There: San Francisco App for iPad

top iPad appsOne of the great cities of the world is San Francisco. If you enjoy San Francisco as much as I do then you’ll want to download this new iPad app called Be There: San Francisco from Red Hill Studios. The design of this app will really bring the city to life on your iPad tablet.

You’ll be able to view the San Francisco skyline like never before. Be There: San Francisco offers a unique new form of virtual reality that let you explore this beautiful city. The developer also built in custom soundscapes to enhance this visually immersive experience. Continue reading

Review: 4 Handed Chess iPad App

We found a cool and unique game app for iPad that take the old classic game of chess and modernizes it for the iPad tablet. The name of this iPad app is called 4 Handed Chess developed by Poppysoft Ltd. This game has different play modes that allow you play alone against the game or as teams. It is a fun and nicely designed game with good graphics.

The developer has integrated this iPad app with Game Center so you can play online and strategize with other team members who meet you online. This app allows you to customize and modify easily so you can enforce time limits between chess moves and number of player modes. When you first tap to open the game app the default mode is “Timed” but you can customize it how you like. Continue reading