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We review the Top iPad Apps everyday from the app store, announcing the Top iPad Apps that are being released today.

iTunes Match for $24.99 annually

Today, Steve Jobs announced about the iCloud storage and the new Apple iTunes Match service will scan your library of songs, including those imported from their own CDs, and match the songs up with the library of 18 million songs available through iTunes for $24.99 per year. We are not sure how this will impact pirated songs that exist in your library.
Steve Jobs announced that the new service will take just a few minutes to match up songs and sync them with iCloud. He ribbed other, competing offerings from Google and Amazon, which take “weeks” to upload large music collections.
iTunes Match offers the same benefits to personally ripped CDs as is granted to music purchased through the iTunes Store. Apple’s software will scan a user’s hard drive to identify the music they have saved locally.
We had been hearing rumors and now it is confirmed that users will not need to upload songs, as their content will simply be matched up with the high-quality 256Kbps Apple iTunes store songs that Apple has stored on its own servers. Anything that can be matched with iTunes Match is automatically upgraded to the higher quality, without any digital rights management or extra charges. This was the “one more thing” announcement today from Apple at the WWDC conference going on. Pretty big news for iPad , iPhone and iPod touch owners.

10 iPad apps in one Bjork album

Bjork has  a clever idea that will make iPad owners take note. Bjork, the Iceland native and dance-pop artist, is set to release her new album Biophilia as a multimedia project, comprised of a separate iPad apps for each song. We love this marketing idea and think it could be a great success for creating buzz and more sales. An innovative iPad 2 app album is the best category name for it.

Biophilia will be Björk’s seventh album to date, with the title itself meaning “love of life or living systems” and a whole host of music and video production talent lined up to help out on this iPad music app project. The album (Biophilia) will be comprised of 10 separate apps under the umbrella of one Album app with each interior app will allow the user to explore all the album tracks in a multitude of ways, or remix them in various playback modes. The iPad music app is set to be premiered as a multimedia live immersive experienc at this year’s Manchester International Festival (MIF), were she has a three-week residency throughout July. Bjork commissioned interactive artist Scott Snibbe to help create her new app.  Snibbe gives the example of one song, called Virus, which he describes as “a kind of a love story between a virus and a cell. And of course the virus loves the cell so much that it destroys it.”  We can’t wait to see the release of this cutting edge approach from the music industry using the iPad interface. It all sounds kinda whacky but sign us up for a review and a sneak peak please when Bjork unveils this experience  at the Manchester International Festival next month.

iPad 2 Cases from French brand- Cartier

The luxury French brand Cartier knows jewels for women and now they are entering the luxury world of iPad 2 with a new iPad 2 case. The Cartier Les Must collection iPad accessory features three different colored luxury iPad 2 cases that offer protection and style (Fuchsia, black, and camel goatskin). Whether you are walking into the boardroom to close a deal or walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars this just looks good.  Cartier is no stranger to to making high-end accessories for your mobile devices. Just last year it debuted a collection of high-end iPhone 4 cases that ranged in a variety of colors. Why will iPad fans pay such high prices for the Cartier brand? It’s all about making a statement of exclusivity. At these prices you know very few others will own them. One consistent demographic in our current recession/recovery has been the luxury brands.  iPad 2 cases are in demand for these luxury retailers .The official name of the cases are Digital Device Holder compatible with the iPad and iPad 2.  Each iPad case can be positioned in three different ways and has an embossed Cartier signature on the front of it just so no one mistakes your case for one of those cheaper models. The interior also features a microfiber lining. Drum roll please….the price for one of this revered cases is $420! Run out and get all three colors and help the economy….in France.


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