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We review the Top iPad Apps everyday from the app store, announcing the Top iPad Apps that are being released today.

Massage Techniques iPad App

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 9.48.08 AM

Are you ready to release tension and learn to massage like a pro this year? We just found a new iPad app that was released a few days ago on the app store. This app gives you excellent instruction on how to give a great massage. The name of this iPad app is Massage Techniques.

This app offers a great way to learn to give an amazing massage. This app features 130 massage techniques. Each technique includes a video demonstration, a still image, and a text description. You can view techniques by body area or alphabetically. Continue reading

Review: Shopping Pro for iPhone and iPad

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 10.01.27 AMWe just found a great new iPad app that was just released a few days ago. This app comes to you from the developer Quinn Genzel and the iPad app is called Shopping Pro (Grocery List). This is one of the best iPad apps for creating your digital grocery & shopping list.

I’ve used the iOS Reminders App but it lacks some of the functionality I wanted. Shopping Pro has a nice user interface and is really well thought out so it is easy to navigate on the fly. It also has a built-in iCloud auto-sync which allows multiple users to share, modify and shop whenever and wherever they are. Shopping Pro architecture is built on the foundation of Packing Pro, the #1-ranked travel app.(Screenshots after the break) Continue reading

Review:Mr Blimp

Last month a great educational app for your children was released on the app store by the developer Kiwi-Games. This new iPad app is called Mr. Blimp.  My 4 year old son has enjoyed playing Mr. Blimp and as a parent I love to see him having fun and learning on the iPad. This iPad app has a kid friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The developers have made this app fun and educational as a way to  to help children learn their numbers, the alphabet, and to read and spell. Continue reading

Review:Beside Myself

Today we are reviewing an iPad app from the Entertainment category on the iTunes app store. This new iPad app was just released about 1 month ago by Jeff Gomez. This app is called Beside Myself and is actually an interactive novel that delves into some interesting and deep philosophical waters.
This unique interactive novel explores decisions that we didn’t make and the paths that you didn’t go down.
This is a clever app concept and one that more authors should pursue. Jeff has designed the interactivity smartly so it compliments the written word of his novel. (video and screenshots below the break) Continue reading

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