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Review: New iPad App-Stocktouch

Stocktouch is a new iPad app for checking equity stocks and stock market performance like you’ve never seen before. This innovate iPad app has raised the bar for the next wave of business information apps for iPad. Stocktouch for iPad is very clever and unique in how you connect with your daily stock data.

We found this iPad app to be a one-of-a-kind way of looking at financial markets on an iPad app. You can easily view the real time US stock market (loads every 5 minutes throughout the trading day, 9:30AM to 4PM EST) and quickly pivot with a touch to toward new market discoveries, trends and market moving insights that load quickly. In this interesting new iPad app you start at the top level that offers an overview of 9 essential market sectors. Each Market sector is organized by the market cap of the 100 largest companies . Stocktouch arranges these companies in a spiral pattern from the center of the sector, radiating outward for a visually immersive experience. The periphery view displays all the remaining smaller companies. We found that navigating through all the companies and data could be done with ease as you touch the iPad tablet screen to zoom in to check stock prices and market volume. Being able to perform light research of company and sector fundamentals which such a stunning visual interface will change how you view market data. This iPad app also offer recent news articles related to the market sector or company you are drilling down into. The developers have designed an elegant touch interface in category that is not typically very stylish.
Clearly on of the best iPad apps for looking at financial markets in a new and powerful way. This iPad app is available on the app store for $4.99.  Video demo after the break. Continue reading

Bing iPad App Update with New Gesturing

Apple’s patented touch based gesturing is a standard on all of the iOS devices and touch gesturing is the most advanced on the large iPad display. Bing today updated their new iPad app on the app store and introduced a unique iPad interactive gesturing experience. Bing labels this as a new search shortcut called Lasso. Basically, Bing describes it is a whole new way to search with the touch of a finger on the iPad touch screen. The Bing iPad app uses a Lasso tool that allows you to draw freely around text on web pages, which triggers a quick search from that selection. Instead of touch selecting a block of text in order to bring up the loupe and frustratingly dragging the corners of the blue dots to the beginning and end of your selection now you can use the lasso tool to select text your text on a web page.  It is available on the app store by clicking here. Bing video demo is after the break.  Continue reading

Five Million iPad 2 shipments per month?

You probably are aware Apple is scheduled to report earnings on July 19th and most of us expect the earnings numbers to be crazy good as always. New reports out today show that demand for the Apple iPad 2 seems to be very strong. According to a brief statement from the DigiTimes website, Apple has placed orders for five million touch sensors just for the iPad 2 tablet. Apple news just keeps on getting better as the company also shipped 5 million iPad 2 tablets in the month of June so if this pace continues Apple will blow the analysts expectations out of the water with nearly 40 million iPad 2 devices being sold for 2011.  In the DigiTimes news release about iPad 2 they stated:

Five million touch sensors for the iPad 2 will be shipped in July, according to sources with Apple’s supply chain. Shipments in June were also five million, with TPK Holding and Wintek supplying 1.4-1.6 million units each and the remaining by Cando, Sintek Photronic and Chimei Innolux (CMI), the sources indicated.

The 5 million iPad 2 units that reportedly were shipped last month points to increased iPad 2 tablet demand that will keep building.

Asian supply chain sources also told Digitimes that Apple has begun sourcing parts for the iPad 3 which are likely to arrive in high volume in October which seems to be consistent with previous iPad 3 rumors about a holiday release schedule for the new iPad device. The iPad 3 rumors seem to point to an even lighter and thinner overall design which begs the question how much thinner can they make this device.


iPad 3 Release in October?

The new iPad 3 rumors continue regarding an earlier-than-expected release schedule. According to a report just out from Digitimes reveals that iPad component suppliers are seemingly ratcheting up the flow of parts into the Asian supply chain.

Taiwan-based companies included in the supply chain for iPhone 5 and iPad 3 have begun to prepare materials for the production of the two devices, which are likely to make their debuts in September and to hit the market in October, according to industry sources.

This would be a very aggressive release cycle that shows Apple is confident in the global demand for the iPad tablet. The availability of the iPad 3 has been a hot topic for some time. Back in January, several analysts heard that Apple had requested that manufacturers begin work on displays with retina resolution for the iPad 3, and that the device had been postponed until 2012. Apple now seems to have accelerated its plans, to keep the iPad 3 ahead of competitors efforts to try and penetrate the dominant market share Apple holds in the global tablet market. With Apple hitting the new milestone of 100,000 iPad apps on the app store, competitors are seeing the gap widen in the tablet market space.

Scribbly iPad accessory taking pre-orders

Ok. Everybody already know’s how amazing and revolutionary the iPad tablet and it’s ecosystem are. The tactile gestures of tapping, swiping and pinching the touch interface have changed computing forever. However, sometimes I want to interface with the iPad using a stylus. I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining but my fingers are not always fit to accomplish some of these daily tasks on my iPad tablet screen. I thought sooner or later Apple would come out with some sort of a awesome stylus for the iPad 2 but Scribbly has beat them to it. The new marker themed stylus from Scribbly looks almost just like a white board marker, but when it meets the touch screen glass of the iPad, it acts as if they shood have been sold together like the Smart Cover. Just when you thought things on the iPad couldn’t be more immersive, they do. (video demo after break) Continue reading