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Review:Mr Brainy

From the developers of the new iPad app Mr. Blimp comes another app called Mr. Brainy. Mr Brainy is a fun, interactive memory training game app for the whole family. In this iPad app you’ll enjoy the nice interface and graphics in this game app.(screenshots after the break)

The design of this app includes five categories to chose from: Letters, Numbers, Animals, Colours and Fruits & Vegetables. When you tap on the app the game starts and you’ll be brought to the opening screen that shows the locations of pairs briefly. Next these pairs will disappear and the object of the game is to remember the location of where they were located to match up the pairs. Continue reading

Review:Mr Blimp

Last month a great educational app for your children was released on the app store by the developer Kiwi-Games. This new iPad app is called Mr. Blimp.  My 4 year old son has enjoyed playing Mr. Blimp and as a parent I love to see him having fun and learning on the iPad. This iPad app has a kid friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The developers have made this app fun and educational as a way to  to help children learn their numbers, the alphabet, and to read and spell. Continue reading

Review:Beside Myself

Today we are reviewing an iPad app from the Entertainment category on the iTunes app store. This new iPad app was just released about 1 month ago by Jeff Gomez. This app is called Beside Myself and is actually an interactive novel that delves into some interesting and deep philosophical waters.
This unique interactive novel explores decisions that we didn’t make and the paths that you didn’t go down.
This is a clever app concept and one that more authors should pursue. Jeff has designed the interactivity smartly so it compliments the written word of his novel. (video and screenshots below the break) Continue reading

Review: Cook Happy-Recipe Videos

We found a great new food app for your iPad for those who love to cook and eat great food. This new iPad app is called Cook Happy-Recipe Videos from the developer Demand Media.

This innovative new app has a great interface that you’ll find easy to use as you tap through the different cooking videos. This iPad cooking app offers very high quality graphics and the videos are beautifully shot and edited to play on the iPad retina display. Continue reading